Affinity Tattoo and Body Piercing
Double Nostril Johnny PearceTragus Piercing Johnny PearceConch Johnny PearceForward Helix Johnny PearcePhiltrum Johnny PearceNostril Piercing Johnny PearceBVLAPhiltrum Piercing Johnny PearceBVLANostril Piercing Johnny PearceNostril
Triple Helix
DaithStretched Lobes
Ashley PiercingDaithTragus
Philtrum TongueNostril
Stretched Lobes
DaithNavelNostrilDouble Cartilage
Initial 00g LobesDaithNostrilInitial 0g ConchHelixNostrilDermal AnchorVertical Conch-Conch IndustrialNostrilTragusTriple ConchLobeTragusNostrilAnti-TragusSeptumDouble HelixHelixConchLipAshley PiercingRook Spiral HelixDaithDouble Helix
IndustrialTragusTongueHelixDouble CartilageLobeTriple Forward Helix
All jewelry we use for initial piercings is implant grade titanium or gold, both of which are nickel-free and could be kept in the body forever. Our piercers practice aseptic, disposable, freehand techniques. Stop in for your next piercing!