Affinity Tattoo and Body Piercing
TawapaOraclePin Earrings by Diablo OrganicsPrincess Cut Navel Curves by AnatometalRed AgateMother of Pearl by Diablo OrganicsAmbonya Burl by Diablo OrganicsProng Hearts by AnatometalBlack Agate Ear WeightsMammoth Ivory and Fossilized Walrus JawboneUntitledMammoth Ivory by Diablo OrganicsGold DuchessGrey AgateProng Hearts by AnatometalGlasswear Heart PlugsAmbonya Burl Spirals by Diablo OrganicsCustom Set DiamondsMammoth Ivory and Fossilized Walrus JawboneRose Quartz Double ConcaveTawapaTurquoise Crown Set Navel CurveRose Gold Third Chakras (Large)Anatometal Prong and Princess Cut Navel CurvesQueen Of Hearts In Silver With Red Coral InlayTigers Eye Double ConcaveEbony Seraphins by TawapaUntitledMother of Pearl Pin Earrings by Diablo Organics24kt Gold Plated Silver Black CZ Diva Rutilated QuartzEvolutionSilver Fly FeathersProng Set Navel Curves by AnatometalRuby in ZoisciteAmbonya Burl by Diablo OrganicsSmall Silver Gypsy QueenFlower Navel Curve
We carry everything from Anatometal & Neometal to Maya Organics & Tawapa. We literally have thousands of pieces to choose from! If we don't carry it, we will try our best to order it for you. Come by and see these beauties in person!